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Over the years, the Marquis Who’s Who product suite has grown to include several print titles, as well as online databases, programs, and branding and networking services. Throughout their careers, successful professionals have relied on Marquis Who’s Who to expertly commemorate and showcase vocational milestones and accomplishments. Marquis’ premiere hardcover registry contained the biographies of 8,602 prominent Americans, and the roster has grown substantially since then.

Feel free to take a look at some of Marquis’ proudest accomplishments throughout the years as efforts are being made to develop new and innovative methods of honoring the world’s most consummate professionals.

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1900 - 1950

1927 — The Big Red Book Grows Without Athletes

By 1927, Who’s Who in America grows to include more than 26,000 listings. The standards …

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1900 - 1950

1936 & 1946 — The Youngest Listees

The average age of listees in Who’s Who in America is in the mid-50s, but …

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1900 - 1950

1940s — Who’s Who in America at War

Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a great demand for Who’s Who in America arises …

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1900 - 1950

1943 — Founder Albert Nelson Marquis Dies

Albert Nelson Marquis’ death on December 21, 1943, made front-page news across America. Numerous editorials …

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