Marquis Who’s Who History Timeline

1943 — Founder Albert Nelson Marquis Dies

Albert Nelson Marquis’s death on December 21, 1943 made front page news across America. Numerous editorials praised him for his decades as a chronicler of American achievement. The New York World -Telegram summed up his contributions by writing, ‘It was never our privilege to meet Albert Nelson Marquis, but to us and countless other newspaper workers his death at the age of 88 means the loss of a good and helpful friend.”

He founded Who’s Who in America, and was its editor for 41 years. A seeker after essential facts concerning the careers of notable Americans, from Olaf Syerre Aamodt, Agricultural Department agronomist, to Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, director of the RCA research laboratories in New Jersey, can turn confidently to Who’s Who. Nobody ever bought or bullied his way into the book, although many tried.

Mr. Marquis established rigid standards for admission, based on talented and meritorious achievement, and never deviated from them.

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