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1903 — The Prestige of Who’s Who in America

Along with the uniformly positive reviews Who’s Who in America receives, it becomes a sought after resource for statistical and demographic studies. An early example is Professor Edwin Dexter’s study, “High Grade Men: In College and Out,” which appears in Popular Science Monthly. In the study, Professor Dexter tabulates the

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1899 — The Beginning of a Legacy

After arriving in Chicago, Marquis continues to operate his publishing company, A.N. Marquis and Company and becomes a newspaperman. He is fascinated by Chicago’s resurgence as it begins rising from the ashes of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and establishes itself as the industrial and trade capital of the

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1855 — Our Founder’s Humble Beginnings

Marquis Who’s Who founder, Albert Nelson Marquis is born on January 10 in Brown County, Southern Ohio. Orphaned as a child and raised by his maternal grandparents, he works in his grandfather’s general store as a boy, and following his grandfather’s passing, he manages the store from age 18 to

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