Marquis Who’s Who History Timeline

1899 — Reviews of the 1st Edition of Who’s Who in America

The reviews of the 1st edition of Who’s Who in America were very positive.

The Chicago Tribune wrote:

 “This book will be indispensable to every reader of newspapers, to every library, and to every man and woman who reads or writes.”

The Detroit Free Press wrote:

 “It is certainly something new in American bookmaking and occupies a field quite apart from biographical compilations and encyclopedias which deal almost exclusively with persons whose name has survived them and passed into history. The object of this work is to present information concerning the living.”

The New York Tribune wrote:

 “In the editorial room, the home library and the businessman’s office it will be consulted daily.”

And the New York Times summed it up by writing, “This much-longed for, convenient book is at last before us.”

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